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irishdave August 13, 2007 10:55

Hello, I am trying to use t

I am trying to use the OpenFOAM IO class to output the data that my inflow data generator is creating into a form useable by the timeVaryingMappedFixedValue patch. I understand the input the patch requires and have managed to get it working using the standard C library but I would like to make my program more compliant to the OpenFOAM way of doing things.

I currently have a vectorField containing several slices to be extracted and output to the different time directory U files along with a scalarField containing the points for which I have data for (in terms of where on the inlet patch). Does anyone have any hints of the best way to use the OpenFOAM libraries to create these files?

The files I need to create for the case are:



and similarly for all of the time steps for which I provide data.


johndeas January 8, 2008 12:12

I am also very interested in t
I am also very interested in this problem, if anyone has a clue...

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