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zakifoam December 18, 2007 07:01

Dear all, I want to run a s
Dear all,

I want to run a simulation of a 2-D rayleigh-taylor instability case using interFoam. I have a heavy liquid (gamma=1) lying on the top of light liquid (gamma=0). In blockMeshDict, I set the left and right boundaries as cyclic. I set the initial gamma field using funkySetFields utility. The command is:

funkySetFields . RH1-cyclic -time 0 -field gamma -expression "1.0" -condition "pos().y>=0" -keepPatches

so the interface of both fluids is at y = 0 (at bottom boundary y = -0.1, at top y = 0.1)

However, I ended up having gamma=0.5 at left & right boundaries, as shown below.

Any idea how I can make the boundary values similar to the internal values?

Thanks a lot


zakifoam December 18, 2007 08:24

solved the problem. Cyclic
solved the problem.

Cyclic boundaries should've been set as a single patch in blockMeshDict. So my problem had nothing to do with funkySetFields.

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