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danvica December 6, 2007 05:34

I'm very new to CFD. I need t
I'm very new to CFD.
I need to simulate the interaction between a rubber component, something modelled as an umbrella, and water.
At the moment I just start using CAELinux - Salome + OpenFoam solution.
I already have the component developed in PROE and loaded in Salome by IGES format.
Just some question:
1. In order to have the dominio for the water I think I have to create a box object sorrounding my component. Is it right ?
2. I already tried it and I created also the compound of the two objects, but when I try to mesh the compound (using NETGEN 3D) one of the object (the PROE one) cannot be meshed. Is it correct to create the compound ?
3. I already did some search through some web sites and it seems that mainly one has to use editor text in order to define almost everything.
Is the GUI of FOAM not powerfull enought to allow everything (or at least my job that actually i think it's not so simple) ?

4. Is there any CFD tutorial GUI oriented ?
What I mean is a chain like this:
Salome -> OpenFoam -> Anypostprocessor
All I found are tutorial to simulate flow into pipes of different shape but without any object in them (if present they are basic objects inserted by text editor) . I'd like to see a tutorial the give me some hints in how to put "virtual water" in components/assembly I already developed by other CAD software.

5. Can I also simulate the movement of objects into water ? The umbrella shaped component of the first point is assembled on a small rod that moves depending on water flow. I know the answer is yes beacuse I saw a diesel engine simulaton but I'm a little bit worried about the text set-up of such a work.

Thank to anyone.

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