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hoogland November 7, 2007 07:32

This is a cross post from the
This is a cross post from the Salome forum, but it can get a little quite there:

Suppose I have a box. On one face I draw a circle. I want to mesh the volume with tets but in such a way that the circle is meshed separately with tets, so that it can act as an inlet/boundary patch. Then I want to separately name the circular group of cells for export as a UNV.

How would I do this in Salome? Any .py examples?


benru November 8, 2007 02:51

You should to define the group
You should to define the group for your mesh as elements, which are common for the surface of your box and belong to circle. It's a very simple operation - defining a group.

After that you exports mesh to unv - and convert to OF with ideasUnvToFoam.

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