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pvc May 8, 2007 05:18

hi all, I am new to openFo
hi all,

I am new to openFoam and I would like to run it with DNS into geometries previously designed in a CAD package. Actually, I have Solidworks so I can generate stl, step ...

I am a bit confused with the way to go because I had been told that OpenFoam would create a specific mesh to deal with DNS, So starting from a mesh looks weird, why not from a basic geometry?

AnyHow, is there a forum/topic/tutorial/webpage I have missed where I can see how to prompt blockmeshdict to consider my geometry and run a case?



billy May 8, 2007 17:51

I think like many finite volum
I think like many finite volume solvers, OpenFOAM works better with a nice orthogonal hexahedral mesh. The problem is to generate that mesh with a free open source mesh generator. It's a pitty Cubit isn't open source it seems like a perfect mesh generator for OpenFOAM.

sradl May 9, 2007 08:26

What about Netgen? It can prod
What about Netgen? It can produce nice tetrahedal meshes.

Has anyone experience if its worth trying Cubit instead of Netgen to have hexahedral meshes?


peterh May 9, 2007 19:21

As far as i know you won't be
As far as i know you won't be able to get your hands on a copy of Cubit unless you pay 300$... (if I'm wrong, please tell me where to get a free copy of the software if its possible)

What I think would be a nice way to produce hexahedral meshes for OF is some kind of graphical "blockMeshDict-generator". It wouldn't get that complicated to produce meshes with more than say 4-6 blocks or so in a simple textfile. Perhaps m4 is a good way to go, but it's still quite messy...

For the meshing, you could try harpoon, it can read .stl and produces hex-dominant meshes, and it has a native OpenFoam export function. You can get a trialversion for free. Since i got my key yesterday, i didn't have the time to play around with it..

Does anyone have some experience with harpoon?


billy May 9, 2007 19:52

Hi, How much does harpoon c

How much does harpoon cost? I would also like to know which is the best mesh generator in the market or with the best quality/cost ratio.

kgmerk May 10, 2007 11:50

Sandia does charge $300 for a
Sandia does charge $300 for a research license mostly to cover the administrative costs of handling their required licensing procedure. It'll cost _much_ more to get a commercial license of Cubit because there is a large cost associated with some commercial 3rd party libraries.

I'm looking at adding export capabilities to Cubit to support OpenFOAM. We've recently added a CGNS export. What would be the preferred export format from this group?

paka May 10, 2007 14:31

Did anyone of you used SolidWo
Did anyone of you used SolidWorks? VectorWorks?

lam May 11, 2007 03:39

Hi Peter, I read that you s
Hi Peter,

I read that you said you received a key from Harpoon?
How did you do?
I filled something to request a key (otherwise, I saw that Harpoon does not work)on their site 4 days ago, but I have not received any thing.
How long had you waited for?


peterh May 11, 2007 10:55

Hey Lam, they need some tim
Hey Lam,

they need some time to process your request, in my case, I was waiting for about ten days

Perhaps it took them so long because i got my key from the german retailer, and not directly from Sharc.


lam May 15, 2007 03:38

Hi Peter, So I have to wait
Hi Peter,

So I have to wait.

But if you try Harpoon, maybe you can tell use if Harpoon can make nice mesh for Foam.

See you,


sradl May 15, 2007 08:47

Hey Karl, what about a free
Hey Karl,

what about a free trial version of cubit? I'd like to test it for importing a *.stl file from SolidWorks.
Since OpenFOAM can convert several mesh formats (see
and I'm currently working with NetGen, I'd prefer the "Netgen Natural format". It is basically a list of points and indices for connection.


sradl July 28, 2007 16:36

Hi Karl & Bill, we now have
Hi Karl & Bill,

we now have an academic version of CUBIT and I tried to export an ideas mesh file. I used ideasUnvToFoam to import and it seems to work. However (beside some minor warnings), the program aborts with the error message "cell type 171 not supported" when it reads the cell information.

I also tried patran neutral and abaqus files without success.

Any help appreciated!

Stefan Radl

soufy October 11, 2007 05:10

Hi all, i am a new user of
Hi all,

i am a new user of openfoam. and i find a diffeculty to use it . please i need a help.
my question is: it is possible to import a geometrie in formet ".step " from a CAD ( for exemple solidworks ).
because for the complexe geometrie it's difficult.
please it's urgent!!!!!

sradl October 11, 2007 05:13

look into "salome" free softwa
look into "salome" free software, it should work with your geometry file forma

soufy October 11, 2007 05:25

Hi ok , i will try it. bu
ok , i will try it.

but it not possible that i do my geometrie in solidworks and i import it in openfoam "in any format compatible " because i know how to use solidworks well. so salome it the first time that i know it.

tanks for help

soufy October 11, 2007 05:41

hi, what is the version de sa
what is the version de salome software that's works well with fedora


benru October 11, 2007 07:04

SALOME 3.2.6 works with Fedora
SALOME 3.2.6 works with Fedora, Debian & etc, but (as usual) you (perhaps) will need to do something "with arms" (install additional packages & etc). SALOME gives ability to create both tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes (and compound mesh too).

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