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benru August 9, 2007 08:11

Good day, Could anybody exp
Good day,

Could anybody explain chain of actions to set BC patches for complex geometries - generated with CAD-packages, meshed in mesh-mackages, and next it is need to set correctly BC (inlet-outlet, walls etc.). For simple boxes & pipes it's clear. Or touch in paper or link (sorry, i didn't find anything else than traces in the form of use compex geometries in calculation without comments how it was done).

Many Big Thanks

sradl August 10, 2007 01:57

Dear Ruben, what I'm doing
Dear Ruben,

what I'm doing is to define the patches (they are called "groups" in Cubit and i thing also in Salome) in the meshing software (Cubit or Salome). After exporting, they appear in the ideas - file (if you use the Salome or Cubit route). When importing into OpenFoam, these groups of cell faces will be recognized as one patch. Then you can specify for each patch the BCs as usually done in OF (p,T,U,rho,etc.).

If you do NOT define the patches in your meshing software you are lost, because e.g. Salome only writes out the points, the cells and all cell faces into one list.


benru August 10, 2007 04:25

Stefan - totally clear. Due to
Stefan - totally clear. Due to i created a "vessel" group, i had this shape for patch (and boundary file was created correctly), but i could not understand, why i had no inlet & outlet (so i just didn't identify their as corresponded groups).

Many Big Thanks !

benru August 10, 2007 09:43

Dear Stefan, can i ask one mor
Dear Stefan, can i ask one more question ? - i just created (using SALOME-3.2.6) geometry, identified inlet, outlet & walls (as i understood, a namber of cells of any group follows the mesh with their head). But ideasUnvCubitToFoam create only single patch (not three, as declared in mesh.unv in accordance with grouping of elements). What would be a cause of the problem ?

With a best regards

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