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alberto November 2, 2006 19:47

Hello! I did a DNS in a chann
I did a DNS in a channel using a modified version of channelOodles. Now I would like to use the solution as initial condition for modified version of twoPhaseEulerFoam to which I added LES models.

I used mapFields with the -consistent option to map the velocity field from the DNS to the gas phase of the two phase channel.

The problems start when I run the solver. It properly starts and solves for alpha then it exits with this error message:

Starting time loop

Mean and max Courant Numbers = 0.00487117 0.0248064
Max Ur Courant Number = 0
Time = 0.05

BICCG: Solving for alpha, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 7.03553e-11, No Iterations 6
Dispersed phase volume fraction = 0.1 Min(alpha) = 0.0996404 Max(alpha) = 0.100338
BICCG: Solving for alpha, Initial residual = 0.00474807, Final residual = 4.1854e-13, No Iterations 4
Dispersed phase volume fraction = 0.1 Min(alpha) = 0.0996413 Max(alpha) = 0.100336

--> FOAM FATAL ERROR : valueInternalCoeffs cannot be called for a calculatedFvPatchField.
You are probably trying to solve for a field with a calculated boundary conditions.

From function calculatedFvPatchField<type>::valueInternalCoeffs( const tmp<scalarfield>&) const
in file fields/fvPatchFields/basicFvPatchFields/calculated/calculatedFvPatchField.C at line 136.

FOAM exiting

I noticed mapField replaces the boundaryField section in the mapped fields files.

The solver properly iterates if I set uniform initial conditions.

What could it be?

Thanks in advance,

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