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tangd September 15, 2006 05:54

Since values of k and epsilon
Since values of k and epsilon in turbulence model are dependent on the velocity. So I want to use a new boundary condition for varying k and epsilon. Was this already implemented or not?

At the moment I wrote a boundary condition for the k based on the "timeVaryingUniformFixedValue", it is running, but in the source code I don't need to use timeDataFileName for reading some parameters from the data file, so how can I remove this part properly, or can you even recommend me another existed boundary condition as template? Thanks!

olesen September 15, 2006 06:08

Searching the forum on 'turbul
Searching the forum on 'turbulent' *and* 'boundary' should show my post from July within the first 10 matches. In case your search function isn't working properly, here is the direct link:
Integral boundary conditions, turbulent intensity/length boundary conditions


tangd September 15, 2006 07:04

Thank you so much! That is exa
Thank you so much! That is exactly what I need. Plus, the mass-flux boundary condition is something I'm really interested in.

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