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juanduque August 23, 2006 09:53

Good day, We've been workin
Good day,

We've been working for a while in mesh generation & adaptation to openFoam fvMesh structure; Right now, we have a compact set of points and cells ready to be loaded into a fvMesh, but the problem is detecting the "faces" needed for the constructor. Does anyone knows if there's any openFoam function that can help us with that job?

Thanks in advance!

olesen August 23, 2006 12:24

1. The easiest method would b
The easiest method would be to write your meshes in one of the "standard" formats (cfx,fluent,star-cd, etc) and use the existing utilities.

The next easiest is to choose one of the converters that is closest to your format and adapt it for your needs.

Either way, digging though the source of the mesh conversion utilites should help you.

eugene August 23, 2006 12:49

I assume your mesh is defined
I assume your mesh is defined only interms of cell shapes and points, i.e. is it a fully hex/prism/tet mesh?

If so, there is a polyMesh constructor that can build this type of mesh. You still need faces for the boundaries though.

juanduque August 23, 2006 14:30

Thank you both for your quick
Thank you both for your quick answer!

The thing is that right now I have the mesh info in memory (only info about points and cell shapes) but no "face" connectivity info; The mesh is made up of tets and voxels, and I've been looking inside the netgen neutral and ccm24 converters to see how do they obtain the face connectivity info. time is precious here, so writing it to another existant format is almost unthinkable, because that's exactly the kind of operations we're trying to minimize.

Any ideas-suggestions?


eugene August 24, 2006 04:33

ccm uses a faced based mesh so
ccm uses a faced based mesh so no use searching there. Try the starToFoam converter, I think it does almost exactly what you want (and more).

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