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chris1980 April 29, 2006 04:20

when I try to run "runFoamxXHB
when I try to run "runFoamxXHB" the following error occur:

Caught FoamXError exception in FoamXHostBrowser::main(int argc, char **argv) :
FoamXError "Caught CORBA::COMM_FAILURE exception in connect : Unable to contact name server."
In function "FoamX::NameServer::connect(CORBA: pOrb)"
in file "NameServer.C" at line 188
Finishing FoamXHostBrowser::main(int argc, char **argv)
runFoamXHB : cleanup
runFoamXHB: Name server is not running.

Do anybody know how to solve this problem?

mattijs May 3, 2006 04:54

See thread: FoamX: Problem wit
See thread: FoamX: Problem with FoamX

These problems are always one of the following:
- the hostname is not set ('localhost' is not acceptable to Corba)
- the hostname is not (or twice) in /etc/hosts
- only the truncated name is present in /etc/hosts
- some port opening problem due to security

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