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vivekcfd March 17, 2006 06:26

I am new to OpenFoam and want
I am new to OpenFoam and want to test this code for a few CFD problems. I have a ICEM grid generator and with the help of ICEM I can export my grids in CFX4 or CFX5 formats ONLY (because other format exports is not free in ICEM). Since CFX4 requires the grids to be block-structured, we must generate a structured grid and then export it to CFX4 format.

I have the following questions:
CFX5: does anybody have a CFX5ToFoam or gtmToFoam convertor so that the grids created with ANSYS-CFX can be read?

CFX4: I have also created a structured grid with ICEM and exported it to cfx4 format. However, when cfxToFoam reads the grid, it puts all the nodes under the default patch. Can anybody tell me how one can set B.C. patches either in ICEM or in PROJECT/constant/polymesh/boundary file? I guess this requires an information on node numbering.

thanks in advance

hjasak March 17, 2006 06:46

the CFX 4 converter will actua
the CFX 4 converter will actually pick up the match types and names from CFX and create boundary patches based on this - have a look at OpenFOAM-1.2/applications/utilities/mesh/conversion/cfxToFoam

Therefore, you can read your mesh into CFX, define the patches there, write it out and then convert.

If you don't want to do that (I don't), use the patching tool provided with OpenFOAM: this will allow you to group the boundary faces however you want it. If you are really brave, you canjust hack the boundary file by hand :-) (have a look at my notes on mesh organisation) but this is only possible if the faces are already grouped the way you want them (likely in the CFX 4 format).



P.S. It's not the nodes that are in the default patch - the boundary consists of faces.

vivekcfd March 20, 2006 09:02

ANSYS-CFX does not support any
ANSYS-CFX does not support anymore exporting the mesh in CFX4 format and in the CFX4 file which one gets from ICEM, faces are not grouped together completly otherwise one could edit the boundary file by hand.
In the meantime, I could export the grid from ICEM to IDEAS format however ideasToFoam is unable to read this grid. I have already posted the porblem on this group but so far did not get a solution.

thanks for your help


groens March 22, 2006 15:38

Hi Vivek, I am also a CFX5 us
Hi Vivek,
I am also a CFX5 user and struggled with the same problem.

Finally, I used the Fluent6 export of ICEM and then

This worked for me for different meshes.


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