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vvqf February 14, 2006 09:37

I have a BC profile from CFX (
I have a BC profile from CFX (eg. inlet & outlet, coordinates with corresponding values), wanting to use it for initialization in OpenFoam of the same model but with different meshsizes. (The mesh is converted to Foam with fluentMeshToFoam)

What could be the fast and easy way?
If writing a new utility is an efficient way, could anybody give me any idea?
- first of all,i want an utility for converting the BC profile.
- for future use, this utility can at best convert results of internal fields to Foam.

I also thought about compuating the case in OpenFoam and then get the BC profile via Paraview, then I can use mapFields. But computing the case on my own machine takes too long time and dont know how to get BC profile in paraview from a cutting plane.

vvqf February 14, 2006 10:08

It is a 3D mesh. if the num
It is a 3D mesh.

if the numbering rule of Foam and CFX is the same, i think it will be simpler to code by interpolating the BC values roughly, say, from a 2500 faceCell plane to a 5000 faceCell plane.
am i right?

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