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nico December 8, 2005 12:56

Hi, i am studing mechanical

i am studing mechanical engineering at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany.

My Probmel is:
I want to create some geometry, for example a T-piece, mesh it an then convert it to OpenFOAM.
I use Salome to build the geometry and save it as a step file. After that i import this file in netgen and mesh it. (By the way, does anybody know how to refine the mesh locally?) Now i export the mesh in neutral format and convert it with netgenNeutralToFoam. Everything works fine till this moment.

My t-piece has 5 faces, but after converting it into OpenFoam there are 6?! I change the boundaryconditions for the 5 known faces and the fields, how it is discribed in another spot in this forum. After that it is possible to watch the mesh in paraview, but when i start the calculation i only get: time step continuity errors : sum local = 0, global = 0, cumulative = 0 ! it is the first time i work with openfoam, netgen and salome so i don't know where the mistake(s) happen. Got somebody an idea?

The t-piece ist part of a pipe. there are two inlets and one outlet. its a very simple case, because i want at first test the way from creating a geometry till the simulation.
Can i use the simplecase to solve 3-Dim problems?

Perhaps it is possible, that i can send my OpenFoam case to somebody?


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