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evgenii November 23, 2005 10:03

Hi, everyone. Is it possibl
Hi, everyone.

Is it possible in OpenFoam to specify fields in any point (not at the boundary) directly? I mean to assign to field locating in point (x,y,z)some value by using some access function (maybe).
I think it should be possible, but I don't now how.

Hope to get some help.

IMHO User's and Programmer's Guide have one great imperfection, I mean there's no description of classe and functions. Of course, it is possible to view Doxygen documentation, but it is reference-book and IMHO it's hard to use it.

hjasak November 23, 2005 11:04

1) find the location in the me
1) find the location in the mesh where you want to fix the value. You can do that by using some search alogorithms already pre-packaged or just do your own, based on the cell centres. This will give you the index of the cell where to put the value.

2) for field T (for example) you will then do:

T.internalField()[index] = Your Value Here;

3) Please don't be humble about your opinions :-) I know that the user guides and everything else in FOAM can be improved - feel free to contribute in the way you feel would be most useful. Also, our MFIX friends have got a wiki site with some publicly accesible training documentation that may come in handy so you can have a look there as well.



evgenii November 24, 2005 05:55

Thank you, it was very useful
Thank you, it was very useful information for me.

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