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vvqf October 27, 2005 08:06

I am testing a new solver base
I am testing a new solver based on simpleFoam, and a new volScalarField is created.

My problem is I can see my new solver in the application class list, but I can't create a case with this solver, instead I got an error:
class org.omg.CORBA.UNKNOWN

The same error occurs when openning an existing case in FoamX, with "application myFoam;" in the file myFoam/system/controlDict.

Because of this, I can't see the new Field in FoamX either.
So I do it manually in the case 0 time directory, I add a file like other field variables(U,p) for the new field variable. (before this I also modified myFoam.cfg and other .cfg files and created .cfg files for the new filed variable in corresponding directories.)

without using FoamX, i can compute my case with the new solver in Terminal, and when I view result with ParaView, I can see the new field variable in the the list under Display Tab.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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vvqf October 27, 2005 08:36

State my problem again: 1.
State my problem again:

1. I want to creat a case with the new solver, killing that error.

2. I want the new field variable visulable in FoamX like U, p, epsilon ...

vvqf October 28, 2005 20:24

As Mattijs said the
As Mattijs said the xxxFoam.cfg in xxxFoam/FoamX has to be correct. This means, all the paths and varibles should be consistent with user's own solve's src codes, so just copying xxxFoam.cfg from a standard existing .cfg file and renaming might not be enough. One has to check it carefully, especially when error pops up.

Read xxxFoam.cfg carefully, one can know how the field variables are defined. And it is necessary to take a look at the included files. Then the way to introduce a new field varible should be a thing of patience.

Study the standard solver src directory structure and all files in it.
I think it could help a lot.

I hope I answered your questions.
If anything not clear, feel free to talk to me. It will be nice to exchange our ideas.

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