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vvqf October 26, 2005 19:01

I did as Release Notes-1.2 tel
I did as Release Notes-1.2 tells, but can't make my own application visible in FoamX. ie. I can't creat a case with the user solver, because it is not in the application class list.

For example,
created a new case
- clone a case based on an existing case
- copy an existing case directory with a new case name

modify all necessary files
under caseDirecotry/system/controlDict,
"application xxxFoam"
here xxxFoam can't be the 'userFoam', otherwise error "getApplication::Invalid ..." pops up, due to the beginning mentioned reason, and xxxFoam has to be standard solver(or further, has to be pre-configured solver??).

I think this is because some .cfg file needs to be modified, so that user solvers/applications can also be included. I searched and tried but still couldn't find which one and how.

Could anyone be so kind to give me any help and information?

Thanks a lot in advance.

1.1 way

a little complainment:
window for choosing root path is fixed and too small, although the root path can be editted in the file.

vvqf October 26, 2005 19:11

by the way, i can compute the
by the way, i can compute the case with actually my own userFoam, like,
userFoam <root> caseName
even xxxFoam of "application xxxFoam" in caseDirecotry/system/controlDict, is set to the similar starndard solver.
but there's difference, is it?

vvqf October 27, 2005 03:24

Now I found myFoam in the application class list only if I used the same path structure like this:
(before it was $WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR/userapp/myFoam)

It is a little bit...
Well, I believe there's somewhere to change the default configuration, although might be unnecessary.

But I got another problem. I want to apply myFoam to a case:
in caseDirecotry/system/controlDict,
"application myFoam;"
When openning the case in FoamX, the error is


mattijs October 27, 2005 13:18

You need to have in your myFoa
You need to have in your myFoam/ directory a FoamX directory with in there myFoam.cfg file.

If FoamX detects this file it will try to load it and if it is correct the solver will be registered.

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