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roncresswell October 6, 2005 19:55

Hi folks, This seems like a
Hi folks,

This seems like a pretty simple thing, and as I'm a newbie I might just be missing something, but when I open up a case in FoamX, I really feel there should be something in the browser to tell me:

A) whether or not there exists a valid mesh for this problem in the constant/polyMesh directory; and

B) whether the initial fields have been set at all.

As I said, I'm new, and I'm only in the process of wrapping my head around Foam's structure and the way it is put together, so there may be something I'm missing, but I feel that for a preprocessor like FoamX to be useful, you should really be able to open up a case and somehow be able to tell whether things need to be done before it can be run.

I guess a consistency checker may be needed - are there Dictionaries defined which need to be processed? So if a case hasa blockMeshDict file but no cells file or points file, then a flag should be raised. That's more tricky to do with setFieldsDict as there may be a valid but as yet uninitialised field in the 0 directory, but if there isn't a corresponding field in the 0 directory at all then you could certainly flag that.

Thoughts? Reactions?


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