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fabianpk September 19, 2005 05:34

Hello, I have a 2D wedge mes
I have a 2D wedge mesh that I've check using checkMesh. It turns out there are many skew faces on many cells. It puts out a face list in the directory polyMesh/sets. To find out where in my mesh these cells are, my idea is to use setFields. I use the following setFieldsDict:

set skewFaces;
option owner;
k 1.0;

So I set a field k to 1 wherever I have a skew face. The way I've made the dict-file is to use the one availible in the setFields source-code-directory. However, Foam responds:

Adding cells according to faceSet skewFaces ...

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : Attempt to return dictionary entry as a
--> primitive

from line 40 to line 41.

From function ITstream& primitiveEntry::stream() const
in file db/dictionary/dictionaryEntry/dictionaryEntry.C
at line 79.

What's wrong?


eugene September 19, 2005 06:01

Why not just use foamToVTK
Why not just use
foamToVTK <caseroot> <casename> -latestTime -faceSet skewFaces

And load the resulting vtk into paraview to look at the problem faces directly?

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