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lange June 24, 2005 10:41

My running dir is ~/OpenFoam/l
My running dir is ~/OpenFoam/lange-1.1/run

in this dir is a subdir /tutorials ,which I has copied from ~/OpenFoam/OpenFoam-1.1/tutorials.

With FoamX I only can create a Case in my home dir or in the Tutorial subdir's, where are the Tutorials Cases located.

When I copy a Tut-Case directly into my running or anywhere-else-dir FoamX could not find this case.

So my Questions are:

How can I create a case in ~/OpenFoam/lange-1.1/run?


How can I copy a Case, as template for further modifications into another dir, while it's still found by FoamX?

Thanx for all reader's, especially for those who have an answer.


mattijs June 24, 2005 15:41

FoamX only looks in those dire
FoamX only looks in those directories it is told to look in. This is done through a configuation file.

Have a look through the user manual. (section 5.5 to be precise)

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