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jvn June 19, 2005 21:32

How to best create a new case?
How to best create a new case? I created a new case using FoamX by right-clicking on $FOAM_RUN/sonicFoam and creating new case. In the lower window, I get:

Case /home/john/OpenFOAM/john-1.1/run/tutorials/sonicFoam/cube saved successfully to time 0

When I look into $FOAM_RUN/tutorials/sonicFoam, however, the directory has not been created. Not sure how to correct this. If it means anything, I'm running on FC3 x86_64 but not with the AMDx86_64 OpenFOAM... I had difficulty getting the latter to testInstallation properly.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

mattijs June 20, 2005 14:31

Are /home/john/OpenFOAM/john-1
Are /home/john/OpenFOAM/john-1.1/run/tutorials/sonicFoam/cube and $FOAM_RUN/tutorials/sonicFoam exactly the same directory?

Does 'FoamXCaseServer' get started with the '-create' option? I get something like

FoamXCaseServer /home/pinky2/mattijs/OpenFOAM/mattijs-1.1/run/rhoSonicFoam junk -create rhoSonicFoam

jvn June 20, 2005 21:19

You're right... I had "misplac
You're right... I had "misplaced" the new cases by looking for them by typing 'tut' at the command line, which took me somewhere else. Sorry for that.

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