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li June 12, 2005 00:05

The R condition is defined in
The R condition is defined in tutorials/rhoTurbFoam/cavity FoamX, but I found it isn't uesed in the solver. why is it defined ?Someone can answer me.

niklas June 12, 2005 04:07

You found it isn't used? in
You found it isn't used?

in the UEqn.H, what is this then, turbulence->divRhoR(U)

It is probably not used by you, because you have not selected a turbulence model that use R.
Select the LaunderGibsonRSTM and let me know if you still think is is not used.


segersson June 14, 2005 11:37

Hi, I added a new solver to F
I added a new solver to FoamX. The solver makes use of a scalar field called "landuse". When a new case is created, I would like FoamX to create a file for this field in the /constant directory (as it does with U, epsilon, k etc. in the "runtime" directory). I've tried to add and modify FoamX config files (looked at how the gamma-variable is handled in iterFoam), but get an error message in FoamX - "The create Case operation failed due to malformed boundary type definition dictionary for pressureInlet".

What exactly does one have to do to make FoamX add a new field (volScalarField) when creating a case?

The variable in question will not be solved for, so the boundary conditions is not so important. It would be ok with zeroGradient, or fixedValue everywhere (I have tried this in the windFoam.cfg file ("windFoam" is the solver name)).
If anyone could give me advice on this, it would help me a lot.


mattijs June 14, 2005 14:34

I am not sure whether FoamX al
I am not sure whether FoamX allows you to put a field in the constant/ directory.

See if it works if you use a different boundary condition as default - maybe there is something special with the setup for pressureInlet.

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