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anton322322 April 11, 2005 13:13

Hello everybody! Just insta
Hello everybody!

Just installed the OpenFOAM on my RH9 machine, and started to go through tutorial. In the fist tutorial, at the place where they ask to load the "cavity" case, in order to check wether everything is ok with the mesh, i am getting the following error (i am retyping the message, coz i am posting from a windows machine, different from the one i run the paraFoam):

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : attempt to read beyond EOF

file: /home/anton/OpenFOAM/anton-1.1/run/tutorials/icoFoam/cavity/0/p::internalField at line 30.

Function: ITstream:read(token& t)
in file: db/IOStreams/Tstreams/ITtread.C at line 70.
FOAM exiting

It there anything that i can do against this?

Thanks in advance,

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