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fightingfalcon23 March 24, 2009 13:27

How to calculate R and B for Turbulencemodels
Hi every one,

i've implemented a simple wedge-geometry with three inlets and two outlets. Now i want to compare the following kinds of turbulence-techniques: k-epsilon, k-OmegaSST, Spalart-Allmaras, Launder Gibson RSTM and LES with two different LES-Filters. Solvers are rhoTurbFoam for RANS and coodles for LES.

For k-epsilon and k-omegaSST i found a lot of literature and some information about calulating k and epsilon. But the other models bringind up a lot of questions:

1. For Launder-Gibson i have to set a R-field. I've found information about the model, but nothing about to calulate or find values for the R-field. How can I proceed?

2. Spalart-Allmaras wants to have a mut-field. I know, that mut is nut mutliplied with the density. I have no information about the density. Same question as above: how can i set the field-file?

3. Same procedure for LES: B-field and and muSGS.

I know that's too much for some simple tips. But perhaps someone can give me some useful information!

Thanx for reading

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