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Khelian973 May 4, 2009 05:04

Thermo properties
Hi Foamers,

Im doing some simulation about a case (version 1.5) where the fluid properties depend on the temperature... I would like to know if we can define non constant properties in OF and how to do it
Thanks in advance

Khelian973 June 12, 2009 03:57

Hi Foamers,

I have no answer so maybe i will try to give more explanation.
In my case i have 2 solids where Cp and k (thermal conductivity) are both a function depending on temperature.
I would like to define this function in the thermal properties dictionnary. but i dont know how to do it, or if it's possible.

I search in the forum any threats but i didnt find one. I started OpenFOAM a few weeks ago so maybe my research was wrong.

Thanks in advance

s.sivakumar July 3, 2009 01:34

Hello Kyian,
can you please explain your problem once again. its confusing me.


Khelian973 July 10, 2009 03:06

Hi sivakumar

I will try to explain u again. sorry for my english...

In my case, the solid and fluid properties (Cp and the thermal coefficient K) are not constant but depend on the temperature. In fact, cp and K are both a linear function depends on temperature.
I would like to know if it's possible to enter this equation and how to do it.
I hope it's clearer this time

rogbrito July 19, 2009 12:21

Where can I find the last version of OF to download? Is it easy to install? What´s the distribution of linux (32 bits) i must use?

Rogerio .

s.sivakumar July 20, 2009 05:00

you can download openFOAM latest veriosn, go to the website and select linux 32 bit, download all (openFOAM software and third-party software)
to install the openFOAM just go through the README file.


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