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s.sivakumar July 23, 2009 00:51

snappyMesh Motor Bike case for simpleFoam solver
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Hi foamers,
i am trying to use snappy mesh for simpleFoam solver (snappy motor bike tutorial case), just increased the cells 100000 in to 3400000.
my questions are:

*) this is confusing question for me, can we use minX, maxX, minY,maxY,minZ, maxZ as a boundary?
if yes i am using like this
minX= inlet, maxX=outlet, minY,maxY,minZ and maxZ are wall.
please tell me is it right or not?

the remaining motor bike as wall

1) if it is wrong how can we give the inlet and outlet conditions?

in the inlet 0/U
type fixedValue;
value uniform (20 0 0);

in the outlet 0/p
type fixedValue;
value uniform 0;

when i run simpleFoam solver i am getting the following error message;

Create mesh for time = 0

Reading field p

ill defined primitiveEntry starting at keyword 'boundaryField' on line 18 and ending at line 388

file: /volume/cfd4_shared/2009-ct-PI-004/OpenFOAM/sivakumar1.5.x/run/tutorials/snappyHexMesh/motorBike/0/p at line 388.

From function primitiveEntry::readEntry(const dictionary& dict,Istream& is)
in file db/dictionary/primitiveEntry/primitiveEntryIO.C at line 210.

FOAM exiting

i have attached k epsilon U and p as well the boundary please have a look and help me to overcome this problem

best regards,

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