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potac January 16, 2010 12:09

scalarField inlet profile BC
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Hi, I am trying to change parabolic velocity inlet BC downloaded from svn OF1.5-dev and obtain some scalar field (alpha,volume fraction) inlet profile instead. First, I thought that simple change in member function from vectorField::operator=vectorfunction(coord) to scalarField::operator= scalarfunction(coord) should be OK. But when compiling for OF1.6.x twoPhaseEulerFoam I receive an error: cannot call member function ‘void Foam::Field<Type>::operator=(const Foam::Field<Type>&) [with Type = double]’ without object.
Can someone help me to obtain a scalarField inlet profile BC, please? Maybe it is not the best way how to create such a BC.
The source BC files I use are attached. Thanks a lot!
Regards, Jan

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