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-mAx- February 5, 2010 08:03

I am confused with the use of the utility renumberMesh.
In my working directory I already have following folders: "0", "constant" and "system"
If I call renumberMesht, it creates an folder "1", and inside it there is a folder "polyMesh".
If I start the calculation, it seems that the folder 1 is ignored.
*May I modify controlDict file to enforce it starting from 1?
*Do I have to replace the "polyMesh" folder from "constant" with the one in "1".

philippose February 5, 2010 16:17

Hello Maxime,

A Good Evening to you :-)!

Sorry for not responding to the other posts... I am still looking at ways of doing what you want without too much effort....

As for the way the "renumberMesh" utility works.....

** It is normal for the utility to create a new time increment folder (in your case "1") where it puts in the results of the operation (in this case... renumbering).

** You need to copy the contents of the polyMesh folder present in "1" to the usual locations "constant/polyMesh" and the resulting renumbered fields to the "0/...." location in order to use the resulting renumbered mesh in the simulation.

** After copying the polyMesh contents, you should delete the folder "1"

** If you want renumberMesh to overwrite the existing data instead of writing a new time folder, try the following:


renumberMesh -constant -overwrite
Basically, the new time folder which OpenFOAM creates, is only a way of writing the output of the operation without overwriting any of the original data...

As for your question of starting a simulation from the last time-step written to disk.... you need to modify the following in the controlDict file:

** Change: startFrom startTime =to=> startFrom latestTime

This will cause the simulation to always start from the last existing time-step irrespective of what has been specified in the "startTime" controlDict option.

Regarding the mapping of your fluid simulation pressure field to solidDisplacementFoam..... if I am not mistaken, you can specify a "non-uniform" field for the "pressure" value in the solidDisplacementFoam "D" file.....

If the solid Mesh is exactly the same as the Mesh you used for the fluid solution, you could copy the pressure field for the patch from the fluid solution to the solid one as a "non-uniform" boundary condition.....Remember though, that if you are using an incompressible flow solver, you need to multiply the pressure field by the density of the medium in order to convert it to standard pressure units (N/mē).

Ofcourse, the other option is to use icoFsiFoam, or icoStructFoam which directly solves a Fluid-Structure-Interaction system where the solid and fluid meshes are coupled directly at the equation level during the simulation.....

We could discuss this in more detail if you are interested..... just mail me

Hope this helps.....

Have a nice weekend!

Philippose Rajan

-mAx- February 8, 2010 02:10

Good morning Philippose,
Sure I am interested with FSI problems, but I think those solvers are available from version 1.6, and I am still working with 1.5. (And I have to find time for testing them)
I will test today your advices regarding renumberMesh.

Kanarya June 22, 2015 09:37

renumberMesh prblem in OpenFOAM-2.3.1
Dear Foamer,

I am using the version of OF 2.3.1 and after importing the mesh from pointwise I would like t renumber the mesh but gives me an error like:
PHP Code:

 error while loading shared open shared object fileNo such file or directory 

can you help me?

Thanks in advance!

haze_1986 June 29, 2015 02:28


Originally Posted by Kanarya (Post 551536)
Dear Foamer,

I am using the version of OF 2.3.1 and after importing the mesh from pointwise I would like t renumber the mesh but gives me an error like:
PHP Code:

 error while loading shared open shared object fileNo such file or directory 

can you help me?

Thanks in advance!

I am having the same problem, does anyone have a solution on this?

You will need to export the below lib folder, for example for 2.3.0:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH::/usr/local/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.3.0/platforms/linux64GccDPOpt/lib

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