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hpon July 12, 2010 03:41

icoFoam - Boundary conditions

Where can I find a description of the boundary conditions available in icoFoam simulations?

I am primarily interested in solving a rather specific type of problem. The system consists of a container equipped with one inlet and one outlet. Inside the container the fluid passes through several narrow sections. The main task is to calculate the flow going through the container at some pressure difference ,deltaP = P_inlet - P_outlet. Therefore, I would like to set constant pressure and "unlimited" flow boundary conditions at the inlet and outlet boundaries. What are the corresponding commands, and how do I use them?

I appreciate any help on this:)


astein July 12, 2010 10:18

Checkout this here:

It explains the avaible BCs and how to set them up in the "0"-folder. It should be possible to model your problem with the available boundary conditions.

hpon July 12, 2010 17:15

Thanks Andreas,

I read the chapter you suggested. It outlines precisely the stuff I'm looking for! However, I had my first CFD experience only yesterday, so I probably need a day or two to digest the basic concepts before I can fully appreciate the text. I think I am heading in the right direction though, and find it very exciting.


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