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mhassani July 12, 2010 15:39

timeVaryingUniformInletOutlet BC implementation
Dear foamers
I want to specify a time varying velocity inlet as a boundary condition; As i have read about this type of BC in other threads, the timeVaryingUniformInletOutlet can be used. I have prepared a table of time Vs velocity in a .dat file. But when it comes to specify the boundary type in U file in /0 directory, I don't know about some entries:
type timeVaryingInletOutlet
fileName "inletVelocity.dat";
flowRate ...;
outOfBounds ...;
value ...;

//and in the .dat file :
(ti (Ux Uy Uz))

I don't know what flowRate, outOfBounds, and value I have to use?
In addition to this, Do I have to specify a "p" file as well as this U file in /0 directory which specify a zeroGradient condition for velocity at the outlet too? if yes, what type of boundary condition must be specified in this file for p at the inlet and outlet?

P.S. in order to clarify the last question, I must say that the domain is a 2D channel with a time varying uniform velocity at the inlet along with a zeroGradient Nuemann outlet BC for the outlet.

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