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Pascal_doran July 29, 2010 16:29

Initial values for advective BC
Hi all,

I created my own utilities for the initial conditions (U and p) and everything works fine. But when I use advective BC (for U and p) I noticed that the BC overwrite the values of U and p (generated by my utilities) on that boundary (only for t=0). I got the good values of U and p every where excepted on the patch I used advective BC (where OpenFOAM writes U=(0,0,0) and p=0 for that patch)
Here's how I declared the BC for U and p :

        type            advective;
        phi            phi;

How can I tell OpenFOAM 1.6.x to use the values calculated by my utilities and not uniform 0 or uniform (0,0,0) for that patch?
Thank for your help,


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