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steph79 July 30, 2010 12:44

Help Required With Simple Test Case
Hey everyone,

Firstly while I have several years of experience with Fluent I am completely new to OpenFOAM and have had a hard time getting my head around the framework of the program. If someone could help me set up the following case I would be most grateful!

I want to set up a 500m x 25m 2-D structured mesh with 1m^2 cells as a transient, incompressible case (icoFoam ?) with (in Fluent-speak) a velocity inlet, two periodic faces and a pressure outlet. The velocity inlet has been prescribed with a user-defined function in Fluent and I could use some help implementing this in OpenFOAM also.

Later I will introduce some objects in the flow field and go to 3-D etc. but if I could get some help to start up this simple case asap then that would be great.


santos July 30, 2010 12:55


Your case seems simple to setup in OpenFOAM. The best option to prescribe your user-defined function in the inlet is to use the groovyBC utility that is available in the OpenFOAM wiki.

Jose Santos

steph79 July 30, 2010 13:43

Thanks for that tip! Off-topic but I'm doing some cleaning right now as my room is a mess so I'll look into this groovyBC facility tomorrow!

I want to specify fluctuating u and v components though, rather than just an oscillating velocity magnitude normal to the inlet boundary.

I've found this test case...

...which is something like what I'll ultimately be doing. What I'll try and do is go as far as I can on my own modifying this code and when I come across problems I'll hopefully have more specific questions. Thanks again!

steph79 July 31, 2010 18:58

OK, I've managed to set up the case apart from my inlet BC...

steph79 August 3, 2010 07:45


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