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maddalena September 15, 2010 10:21

Define patch order for cyclic BC
Hi everyone,
as I discussed in this post, there are some kind of applications where the order patches are defined is important, as for example for using fan BC.
While defining the "master" and "slave" (or the "main" and "shadow", if you like) patches is simple if using blockMeshDict, it seems to me that this is a bit tricky if using createPatchDict. Changing the separationVector or the patch definition order does not do the job, at least for what I have experienced so far.
The question is: how can I define them properly? Where I should specify the master and the slave patch?
Thank you for any suggestion. Regards,


mvoss November 19, 2010 09:51

im facing the exact same problem. since i am also using createPatchDict afaik the offsetvector there needs to be positive... leading to a strict order of the chosen faces for the "patches". For neg. values the solver is crashing no matter which order of faces/patches/sets i choose EVEN if they would be correct regarding the negative offsetvector.


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