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run_cfd May 26, 2011 10:07

Problem in setting porosity region for rhoPorousSimpleFoam
Hi folks,


I was trying to set up a case for rhoPorousSimpleFoam for last ~20 days. Actually, I created my mesh on netgen and converted to OF format by netgenNeutralToFoam utility. Then opened this mesh on discretizer-setup. Infact the mesh doesn't have segregated regions for inlet, outlet symmetry plane and internal regions, rather it has patches for different surfaces (total 42 patches). My question is:
1. how to segregate this mesh in to regions for inlet, outlet, symmetry plane, walls and porosity regions? (porosity region consists of all the internal cells or mesh).

My second question is related to the first one only.
2. when I tried to set the boundary condition for inlet (velocity) in discretizer-setup, all the internal fields also initialized with the same velocity and temperature. I guess, This may be because inlet region may not be segregated from the internal cell, but I am not sure because I had patched all the inlet cells in a separate patch. Could somebody please tell me why it happened and what is the remedy.

I have a third question too, let me ask, if it is becoming not too lengthy.

3. when I selected porosity, in the discretizer-setup, in the solver the porous zone was activated, but the porous zone menu shows "no_porous_zone" and when I synchronized the files in run menu the porous zone file in the constant directory was an empty file. The case runs with this empty file but when I edit this porous zone file in constant folder the rhoPorousSimpleFoam gives fatal error. I again can guess that it is because the porosity region is not segregated from the mesh. But I have no idea how to overcome it. I will appreciate any help on these question.

I am a new user to OpenFoam as well as discretizer. This case is really becoming urgent for me. Please somebody help me out.

Thanks in advance,
With Best Wishes,

run_cfd May 31, 2011 09:02

I was waiting for a reply on this this thread.... but found none... I wonder if I asked my question properly...

Okey, Let me simplify it!!!

I just want to set the porosity value of 0.5 to all the internal cells of the domain... means, once the fluid inters the domain, it feels a porous drag throughout its travel until it exits from the outlet.

So, can somebody tell me how to do it in openFoam. I guess It can be done with 'cellSetDict', Am I right?? But I don't know how to create and use it to do so.

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