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pokeng October 25, 2011 11:29

Geometry and mesh generation in OpenFoam

In new in the openfoam world. So far, i just solved the tutorials of the user guide. My main contact with the CFD world is with ansys, Fluent and CFX. When using ansys, i used to generate the geometry in CAD software (PRO-E or Solid Works) and then import this from ansys to mesh it.

What is the best path in openfoam to generate and to mesh complex geometries with open source code? I have done some research and found that salome is good tool to do the pre-processing work, but, does it work with openfoam? Or maybe is better to work with comercial cad software and then export to a mesh software? I am trying to stablish a simulation enviroment based completely on open source code. I would like to read your sugestions about this subject. Thanks!

Wesley October 28, 2011 21:40

Salome work
Yes, Salome works well. The CAELinux distribution at least used to have tutorials showing how to work that program with OpenFOAM.

The only issue I have had with Salome is as a get into generating more complex geometries, the program sometimes creates "non-valid" shapes - shapes it can't use to cut other shapes or can't mesh. My personal problem is trying to create a helical screw (take a cylinder and cut out a helix with a circular cross-section). I have not been able to solve that geometry.


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