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mturcios777 November 8, 2011 16:33

liquidProperties Dictionary
I was looking at the article on the wiki located here and was wanting to do something similar in OF 2.0.x. Looking through the code for liquidProperties construction in the source it doesn't seem like this is possible anymore. Anyone been able to replicate this behavior before I go off to code changes?

mturcios777 November 30, 2011 14:43

Possible solution
I've been working on items peripheral to this , and it seems that I might be able to get the same functionality using the codeStream directive. All the liquids have a member function called writeData that prints out all the coefficients in a dictionary-like manner (that is what I am assuming/hoping).

I'm trying to check it in a dummy piece of code, but am having difficulty with the constructor for the liquid (say C2H6 for example). It seems as though I should be able to do this:

C2H6 temp;

, but the compiler says that C2H6 is unknown in this scope (even though it appears Foam::C2H6 should be recognized).

Any hints? I'll also take full solutions ;)

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