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sdp203 January 27, 2012 07:48

porousSimpleFoam multiple soil regions
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I'm trying to simulate a soil filter bed made of three separate soil grades. I've successfully simulated a single media layer by adapting the angledDuct tutorial with porousSimpleFoam

However when specifying three named regions in the mesh and applying different porosity values to each region in the porousZones file it appears that only the first region displays a pressure drop (see image). There is a region of free space about the first porous zone which finishes about 1/3 of the way down the bed. The two subsequent porous layers show no pressure drop.

I've tried giving a minute layer of free space between the layers and this doesn't work either. Is there a way of making a multiple-region porous model or do I need to think about finding a way to give the region properties which vary as a function across the space? Any thoughts or help are welcome


Lissette_acn August 19, 2014 19:42

Hello, did you succeed ?

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