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vishalsacharya March 2, 2012 04:19

Swirl component in inflow BC for 2d axisymmetric flows

I have used makeAxialMesh by gschaider to create a wedge type mesh for an axisymmetric dump combustor with a cylindrical dump and an annular inlet passage. Since i want to do an axisymmetric simulation with a swirl flow at the inlet, I wanted to know how to setup this BC. Since openfoam works in cartesian, would specifying an out-of-plane velocity component at the inflow make it swirl automatically?

As a second question to this. In case I use a 45 degree sector 3D geometry instead of a wedge and use an inflow where the x,y,z components are resolved for axial and swirl inflow, and set the 0 and 45 degree planes to be cyclic, will i then be able to do the simulation successfully? I guess the point of this question is, cyclic ensures rotational periodicity right? as in, match the normal components to the planes at 0 and 45 degrees?

I appreciate all your views and answers to these.


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