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Linse April 27, 2012 08:21

fluid-fluid-BC in chtMultiRegionFoam/chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam
Hi there!
At the moment I am trying to develop a solver based on chtMultiRegionFoam that allows to define two different fluid zones instead of one solid and one fluid zone.

While setting up the zones is not a problem any more, I have problems with the BCs between the fluids. The standard BCs such as zeroGradient do not work.
I guess I need something like the BC for heat in chtMultiRegionFoam, which allows transfer from one region to another for other quantities as well, mass transfer probably being the crucial one.

1) Does anyone have any idea how this could be established? Is there maybe a boundary condition already that allows for such things?

2) Does anyone know where the BC for heat in chtMultiRegionFoam is defined (path to the source-code) in the recent version of OpenFOAM? Then I could find and try changing this particular BC to what I need.

3) Does anyone know how to specifically set an "internal" boundary-condition as usually it is done automatically? Just something like that probably would do the trick already...

Thanks for any answers in advance!

praveensrikanth91 October 18, 2016 13:44

Hello Bernhard,

I found your post and figured I am looking to do something very similar. I am trying to use the chtMultiRegionFoam solver to do phase change calculations. At the moment I have added in the phase change models to the solver. However the part I am stuck at is in terms of the boundary conditions for the fluid-fluid interface. I have set up a new BC to account for the phase change mass flux at the interface normal to the interface. However, in my case I have a gas flow over the liquid interface which would cause interfacial shear. The boundary conditions for this are going to be equal tangential velocities at the interface and equal tangential shear stresses at the boundary. I was wondering if you managed to solve the BC problem for your set up and was curious to know what you did for the velocity at the interface.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you so much


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