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Tobi June 2, 2012 13:26

Implement species transport equation
Hi all together,

I have a question to you guys ... :)
Well I am using the flameletmodel for combustion and want to implement a new transport equation JUST for one species couse the accuracy is not as good as I wish for that species.

Well I have several ideas.

the first
Generate a separate flamelet JUST for that species, couse there is a problem with the gridrefinement for that and may occur some problems. If I wanna go that way, my problem is that I have to generate a grid for that species dependend on two values. For that I think I have to write an algorithmus for solving the flamelet equation. But I do not know how I can manage it and I think that costs a lot of time :( ...

the second
Implement a transport equation for just one species e.g. O2, CO, ...
But therefor I have no idea how to do that too. And I think the specie have to be coupled with some reaction model, which is not in the flameletsolver...

In german you'll say ... "I am standing on the pipe and do not know how to go on" :(
Well maybe I have to admit thats to complicated for me.

Well I am looking forward for your answers.
Good time to all


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