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oscar_urri July 6, 2012 16:58

Actuator Disk Implementation
Hello Foamers,

i'm still kind of new to Openfoam, i'm using the 2.1.1 version,

i'm trying to implement an actuator disk to simulate a wind turbine in simpleFoam,

i've already implemented an actuator disk using a bodyforce with pretty good results.

the method i used was inspired on this thread:

But now i have to implement it by using the approach pressure discontinuity on the axial direction and velocity discontinuity on the radial direction.

i've tried to use the fanPatch BC, and it behaves ok in a confined domain (when the fanPatch goes all the way to the walls), but as soon as i add other blocks around it and leave the fan in the middle of the domain it behaves erratically.

so i would like to know the following:

- if there is a BC or BCs that i can use on the same patch where i can set a pressure discontinuity on the axial direction and a velocity discontinuity on the radial direction.

-or if there is a way to inject the pressure and velocity discontinuities directly to pressure and velocity equations. on a similar way as the bodyforce.

i've been trying to implement this new approach for some time now and i can't seem to get around it :s, i would really appreciate some guidance

thanks a million in advance


Tauseef February 21, 2013 17:15

Dear Oscar
I am trying to implement the bodyforce model in OF 2.1.1 for low head hydro ducted rotor case.
I am struggling to implement bodyforce in OF 2.1.1.
As you mentioned your case works for no tip gap, that exactly defines my case. if can guide through it will be helpful.


wc34071209 February 11, 2015 18:56

This might be of help.

Sorry for digging it up after such a long time.

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