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m_f July 19, 2012 04:35

Compact Thermal Model

I actually work around the compact thermal model (CTM) and the potential solver which could manage these model. The aim of this modelisation is to manage the thermal statement of an electronic card, with some electronics components.
Indeed, with CTM modelisation, we have to use hollow block to represent the components, with a thermal network in this box. Around the components, there is a fluid, for exemple, the air.

So, i know that OpenFOAM could solve
heat transfer between a solid region and fluid region, with chtMultiRegionFOAM. i know that we have to add radation's equation. So, it's ok.

1. But, i don't know if OpenFOAM could accept shell (Face 2D) on a 3D modelisation.

2. Could OpenFoam manage this kind of mesh ? : Maillage

That's my questions :confused:.

I'm sure i'm not very clear, but if you have questions about mines....You can ask !

Excuse my english

Best Regards, M_f

Information about CTM : Compact Thermal Model

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