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lfgmarc July 21, 2012 00:07

Question about thermophysical models?
Hi, I have a question about thermophysical models,

I understand that if i.e, the energy variable is enthalpy F=h(T) and dF/dT=Cp(T), in:


my question is where it is defined in the code, that F and dF/dt take these variables as arguments.

I understand also that the energy variable is selected by the thermo model. I.e, if is selected

the energy variable is the internal energy, but I can find in the code where is defined F=e(t).

Pd: I have a basic knowledge of C++

Thanks in advance for any hint,


Chris Lucas July 23, 2012 03:17


the answer is in the same class
Have a look at the functions TH(scalar,scalar) and TE(scalar,scalar).

Best Regards,

DanielJ July 26, 2012 03:57

basicThermo class question
Hi I was browsing through basicThermo class an found that this class returns null field when requested for enthalpy.
If understand it correctly this is a dummy enthalpy, that is not connected with temperature field.
Could someone explain this to me?

Chris Lucas July 26, 2012 04:02


the function are virtual and get overwriten in the following classes (e.g basicPsiThermo and hPsiThermo ...)


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