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Tobi August 21, 2012 04:48

Equation transformation and extension
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Hi all,

just a question to all good OpenFOAM people. I have a paper and there is a extension of the momentum, enthalpy, continuity ... equations to calculate atmosphere things and its based on the buoyant approximation.

Therefor you have to transform the z coordinate to tilde z and for that you get tilde w instead of w.

(look to the attached pdf).

The question is:
Is it complicated to implement such a transformation in OpenFOAM? And how many time do I have to spend in it? I am familiar with OpenFOAM code and programmed a few extensions to basic solvers etc. but never did a transformation. In all equations there are additional source terms but that is not a problem to add to the buoyant solver.

Its just the transofmration and how do I have to fix that problem.

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward for answers :)

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