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examosty August 23, 2012 03:53

customer library problem for parallel
Dear Foamer,

For the motion of dynamicMesh i wrote a library, which was copied and changed from oscillatingFixedValue. I tested it with single processor, it works fine. But I can not use it parallel. I suppose, something else should also be done, which seems obviously for other people (because I don't find anything about it in internet). Could you please give me a hint?

wyldckat August 26, 2012 07:53

Greetings examosty,


Originally Posted by examosty (Post 378273)
Could you please give me a hint?

From your description and your question, I suppose the only logical hint is:
Look at the OpenFOAM source code for ideas! ;)
Specially every application and library related to dynamic meshes.
Good luck!

examosty August 26, 2012 14:23

Hi Bruno,
Thank you very much for your nice replay. The libary works on single processor. Now I want to run it parallel. I try to read the OpenFOAM source code. The problem is, because of my poor C++ I don't even know which one is improtant in this case. :(
Could you please show me an example? Or the problem can not be solved with changing one or two file?
Best Regards,

wyldckat August 26, 2012 15:18

Hi June,

It's easier if you do this the other way around: if you can provide a full example of what you're trying to do, it'll be a lot easier for anyone to help you!

You don't need to provide the code you are working on now, but you should provide at least a small+complete example of the kind of modifications you want to do!

I say this because OpenFOAM is a massive toolbox that can do all sorts of things and we might end up trying to talk about completely different "dynamicMesh" libraries...

Best regards,

jhoepken August 26, 2012 15:22

I guess, without showing any code, nobody will be able to help you out. Maybe you should reveal some of your code?

Otherwise introduce a lot of Info output and figure out, where it breaks.

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