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ClayMayor September 9, 2012 10:14

blockMesh standalone?
I would like to ask whether it's possible to compile blockMesh as a standalone application, on a system where I cannot have openFOAM installed. I have tried to toy around with separating dependencies and creating it's own makefile, but to no avail, I always end up with a ton of errors (if this is the right approach, I could send a list of files I've hunted down, but I kind of think it's not.) So I'm either completely missing something or am just being stupid and trying to do something what can't be done.

If this was already done and it's common knowledge, or I could have known by a simple search, then I'm terribly sorry for bothering you people with this thread, I always seem to pick exactly the wrong keywords when searching for something.

anishtain4 September 10, 2012 06:38

I believe you can. First try by copying the files of block mesh and write a custom solver but don't change anything for it. when you do the wmake, there will be a dependency file created by the openfoam. in order to have your own stand alone utility you have to copy them all into the new computer. You should also do something about the wmake. or copy the compiled file from user_app_bin

akidess September 10, 2012 07:37

I believe your problem was already discussed in this thread:

ClayMayor September 13, 2012 06:50


Originally Posted by anishtain4 (Post 381034)
...or copy the compiled file from ser_app_bin

Yes. Just copy the executable. You know, now I really feel dumb. Since I have invested so much energy into it, I'll try to compile it anyway, so thank you both for your advice. Copying the executable will work even if I fail tho, so I think this is pretty much solved.

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