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sh.d October 9, 2012 12:47

Implement new turbulence model based on kOmegaSST
Hi everybody

I want to create a turbulence model in openfoam. After the compiling the model, the following error has been showen in terminal:

Make/linux64Gcc64DPOpt/mykOmegaSST.o Error 1

Please guide me to sole it.
Thanks in advance

sh.d October 9, 2012 12:54

Implement new turbulence model

I have another question.
In which line in the constructor in the mykOmegaSST.C, I should write the following sentence:

Info << “Defining my own kOmegaSST model “ << endl ;

Thanks a lot.

wyldckat October 13, 2012 05:02

Greetings sh.d and welcome to the forum!

I moved your questions to a new thread, because they had barely anything to do with that thread.

As for your question, here is some reading material:
You can also use Google (or some other search engine) and look with the following keywords:

openfoam adding new turbulence model

Best regards,

Tobi October 14, 2012 07:57



Originally Posted by sh.d (Post 385777)

Info << “Defining my own kOmegaSST model “ << endl ;

Thanks a lot.

You do not have to make that!

Neeraj made a new turbulence model too, or better he changed the k-epsilon model and had some problems with it.

I helped him by build his turbulence model and uploaded it.
Have a look at the thread, download the turbulence-model and have a look at the code.

If you build your own turbulence model like I mentioned, you get the output message "mySSTModell" etc. automatically.


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