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akiraarabia October 30, 2012 05:20

Overshoot and Undershoot of temperature
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Hi everyone,

I 'm checking OpenFOAM solver ver.2.1.1 regarding multi chemical specie's heat transfer flow with polynomial enthalpy definition with reactingFOAM.
Test condition is as following:

test case: counterFlowFlame2D (tutorial of reactiongFoam)
solver: reactingFoam
reaction rate=0
turbulent model off
inlet temperature of both inlets (fuel(CH4) and air(O2+N2)): 800K
The other condition is same with original counterFlowFlame2D

The result is shown as attached files. Temperature shows overshoot and undershoot.
max temp: 845K
min temp: 784K
It should be about 800K, because this is simple mixture problem.

I also tried to change the parameters of enthalpy-> temperature conversion of specieThermo.C but result was same.

This is very important check to start reaction calculation, because reaction rate usually depends on temperature.

Does anybody know the solution about this topic?

akiraarabia November 1, 2012 21:28

I understood the transport equation of enthalpy for reactingFoam is for turbulent diffusion flame. I need modification of the diffusion term.

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