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mturcios777 October 30, 2012 17:47

inletOutlet/outletInlet U & p coupling
Hello everyone,

I'm looking about implementing a custom boundary condition that simulates a check valve, and I believe I can base it on mixedFvPatchField like the inletOutlet/outletInlet patch.

The user guide ( mentioned that inletOutlet switched U and p between zeroGradient and fixedValue depending on the direction of the flow, but I have been unable to find out how this is done. From reading the source, it seems that it only switches between zeroGradient and fixedValue depending on the flux. I'd like to know where the switch happens (it may be in mixedFvPatch field, but I can't find it).

I want to know in case I need to make changes there. Or is the the U/p switch a typo/deprecated feature that was never cleaned out of the manual.


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