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Tobi November 11, 2012 08:33

muEff and mut/sigmat
Hi all,

I have a simple question to the following two codes:


    - fvm::laplacian(turbulence->mut()/sigmat, csi)

    - fvm::laplacian(turbulence->muEff(), csi)
I know that muEff = mu_laminar + mu_turbulent. So I thought that in the first code line I am calculating the diffusion term just with the turbulent diffusion and the laminar diffusion is neglected. sigma_t is the turbulent prandtl number = 1

In the second code therefor I am using both of them to calculate the diffusion coefficient.

It would be very useful for me!
Thanks in advance

Regards Tobi

Tobi November 11, 2012 09:50

Solved my problem!

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