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mturcios777 November 20, 2012 19:06

Appending faceZones
Hello All,

I am working on a new mesh class with topology changes (layerAdditionRemoval and attachDetach), and I am trying to sort out the inizialization. Long story short, I need to append faceZones created at runTime to a faceZones file that was created during pre-processing. Is there any way to do this? The only function that makes sense to me is polyMesh::addZones, but this adds zones when none exist.

Barring that, I was thinking of reading in the existing faceZones, storing them in some other container, then adding all the faceZones together in one go. Will this work?

mturcios777 December 17, 2012 18:59

Just for the benefit of anyone searching in the future; the second method (reading in faceZones and storing them) is the way to go. Its not hard, just tedious...

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